Mind and Memory
Duplication Theory: an explanation for the operation of memory, intuition and a number of other phenomena, some of which are not usually associated with the process of thought. First put on the web on 10/4/07 quite some time after the first paper was published, amendments have been made on a number of occasions as new information becomes apparent.


A. Introduction to & Summary of Duplication Theory

B. Description of the mechanisms involved
i. Time resonance
ii. Space resonance
Pattern order form & Structure
The Uncertainty principle
Singularity States
Equivalence of impenetrability & Structure Duplication
The Principle of Least Action
The holographic function of the brain
Trance state & Randomicity

C. Applications of theory to explain certain phenomena
C 1 Working memory
1.1 Ingrained memory & triggers
1.2 Dream Sleep
1.3 Same Location
1.4 Holocepts further discussed 1.5 Singularity States ditto
1.6 Pattern form and order ditto
1.7 Random Motion, Trance & Singularity States
2. Intuition
2.1 The problem of the Homunculus or Mr. X
3. Consciousness & Self-awareness
4. The Paranormal and ESP qualified
5. Other possible areas of relevance not yet resolved
5.1 Inheritance of acquired characteristics
5.2 The reproductive ability of organic life
5.3 Probability and symmetry
5.4 Coincidence
5.6 Group behaviour & Ritual
5.7 Complementarity of the electron
5.8 The gyroscopic effect
5.9 Inertia

D. Isotropy and Absolute Velocity of Light and the relevance
of Feynman & Wheeler's Absorber Theory

E. Further implications for cosmology
Mach's Principle and inertia

F. Cosmology update and amendment January 2011

G. Possibility of Experimental Verification

H. Background to the way in which theory was developed

I. Support from the work of others

J. Conclusions

K. Published papers:

L. Photographs

M. Links

N. References

O. Contact

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