C4. The paranormal and extra-sensory perception

It might be seen that contained in the above are the grounds for possible explanations for a number of paranormal phenomena. The mechanisms suggested in the section B above on the Holographic function of the brain to explain eidetic memory might at once suggest the possibility of an explanation of the way in a subject under trance can be regressed to recall or re-experience in accurate Holoceptual detail some series of past events. Perfect recall or eidetic memory is an indisputable fact and regression under trance must be hard for even the strongest skeptic to deny.

However, this is such a contentious subject, it is better if I leave out such considerations from this paper, since my first interest is in trying to deliver a mechanism in principle for the operation of memory. I do not wish to reduce any small degree of credibility that my proposals might earn by clouding the issue in discussion of a subject which many well qualified scientists refuse to admit exists. Thus I will do no more than include under section K a paper of mine which was published the subject of which was “The Problem of Repeatability, or do the Laws of Nature evolve?” (Review of the Society for Psychical Research 1999). This proposes some reasons why the subject is so controversial, and is in some ways premature for too much detailed discussion. It explains why such phenomena might not yet be repeatable.